Green Spot Cafe

Visit us with family? Big company? Interesting in vegetarian options? Here we are, based near Echo Beach. You can always visit us after surfing with sunrise for best breakfast or after romantic sunset.

We are here for you, offering varied dishes, delicious drinks and cozy music. Green Spot Cafe - friendly atmosphere and best food experience.

About Menu

Asian fusion plates, local unique dishes, European favorites - the best taste and at available prices.

Full English Breakfast

eggs any style, crispy bacon, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, hash browns, baked beans, sourdough bread

67 IDR

Egg Avo Salsa

poached eggs on english muffin topped with avocado and tomato salsa, feta cheese, arugula

67 IDR

Bobs Burger

smashed avocado, crispy bacon, tomato, fried egg, arugula, pesto, hash brown, cheese sauce

67 IDR


the choice of rice or oatmeal porridge in milk or coconut milk, mango, banana

55 IDR

Veggie Omee

mushrooms, spinach, roasted tomatoes, cheddar cheese, sourdough bread, butter

55 IDR

French Toast

banana, strawberry, maple syrup

55 IDR

Avocado Toast

smashed avocado, crispy bacon, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, arugula, pesto

65 IDR

Oriental Salad

falafel, hummus, quinoa, green leaves, black olives

77 IDR

Garlic Bread

homemade bread with garlic and cheese

35 IDR

Tuna Polynesian Style

chunks of fresh tuna in special chef marinade, white rice

75 IDR

Jimbaran Style Fish

whole fresh red snapper baked on charcoal coals, served in traditional Jimbaran style spices

130 IDR

Sate Ayam

chicken skewers with peanut sauce, steam rice, sambals

50 IDR

Chicken Hangover Soup

chicken, rice, carrot, shallot

45 IDR

Club Sandwich

grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, fried egg, fresh tomato, cucumber

70 IDR


grilled chicken or tuna, yogurt raita and lime chili mayo

85 IDR


vodka, triple sec, lime juice, pineapple juice

90 IDR


vodka, lime, soda, honey



rum, lime, strawberry or mango



tequila, triple sec, lime juice, watermelon



tequilla, coffee, honey



gin, lime juice, ice-berry, soda


The Mask

avocado, chocolate

55 IDR

Tropical Thunder

pineapple, banana, honey, mint

55 IDR

Sport Fit

papaya, banana, honey

55 IDR

Break Fast

oatmeal, banana, strawberry

55 IDR

Triple Berry

orange, berries, honey

55 IDR


Cuisine is a culture. With our friendly concept, we are always preparing something new and fresh for you. In our restaurant you can always find different cultures which are placed in our menu nearby each other.  One of the important moment in our menu is quality, quality and quality  to make your food experience one of the best on Bail.    We create memories, not only feed you.